Where Is the Bach Place of Wechmar Located in Thuringia, Germany Precisely?

Like you prefer it: Wechmar is the Bach place or Wechmar or the Bach Ancestral Community. The town sign above is not quite up to date, because there is no longer a municipality Günthersleben-Wechmar. Wechmar is in the meantime a district of Drei Gleichen.




The Bach Place of Wechmar Is Bogo


From everybody outside the United States and all English-speaking nations: "bogo" is "buy one, get one free!" Next: the Bach Ancestral Home (Bach Stammhaus) and the Veit Bach Mill in the Bach place of Wechmar are located just six minutes drive from the Autobahn 4, respectively the interstate 4 or the motorway 4. What does this mean? It means that you, if you are on a trip in "Bach Country" might easily squeeze in Wechmar. And there you definitely don't have to look for a parking space.


Wechmar is of a special importance for the Bach history. A trip to the Bach homeland should include a side trip to Wechmar. Here are some distances: You will find the Bach city of Gotha in five minutes distance. Gotha is next door neighbor and too well worth a visit. A little further down this page you will find the Bach place of Wechmar best on the map.


To the Bach city of Arnstadt it's a 22 minutes drive. To the Bach city of Ohrdruf you need just 13 minutes. To the lovable Bach place of Dornheim it's 22 minutes as well, as this community is next door – so to speak – from Arnstadt. Eisenach is 33 minutes away. To the Bach city of Mühlhausen you drive 55 minutes. To the Bach city of Köthen it's a whopping two hours and finally to the Bach city of all Bach cities, which is Leipzig, please calculate 1 hour and 40 minutes. How far the Bach city of Lüneburg is – I better don't tell you here. All data based on no traffic jam around plus starting in the heart of "Bach Country", how we call the area around Erfurt, Thuringia.


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To the Bach Place of Wechmar Via Your GPS


If you have rented a car with GPS, then type in "Wechmar" or the ZIP code "99869". After that, the "Bachstraße" (Bach Street). And finally the house number "4" ... and off you go.




To the Bach Place of Wechmar on Foot



You think that's too funny? Johann Sebastian Bach walked from Ohrdruf to Lüneburg, which is 380 kilometers (236 miles). And later, during his time in Arnstadt, he also walked from Arnstadt to Lübeck: That was even a few kilometers more, namely about 471 (293 miles).



But well, a promise is a promise. From the neighboring city of Gotha to Wechmar you walk one hour and 45 minutes, from the Bach city of Ohrdruf to Wechmar you need almost exactly two hours on foot, to the Bach city of Arnstadt it is a little more than three. From Wechmar you walk to Eisenach in eight hours. And to the Bach town of Mühlhausen about ten hours. It takes 28 hours to walk to Leipzig. To the Bach town of Köthen it takes a tiring 31. All values are, of course, non-binding and apply to an average adult and without any rest breaks.


To the Bach Place of Wechmar by Bicycle


But walking to Wechmar ... you certainly don't want to do that. Unless you are staying in Gotha during your vacation. Fact is: If you are in Ohrdruf, make a side trip to Wechmar, to the cradle of the musician dynasty of the Bache, by far the largest and most important musician family on earth. So after we can probably exclude your exploration of the Bach cities and Bach places on foot ... by bicycle is it rather possible. Bach by Bike offers you a particularly exciting offer.


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