The Veit Bach Mill at the Bach Place of Wechmar. However: Who Is Veit Bach?

The Veit Bach Mill at the Bach place of Wechmar. Yes you are right, it's the Bach Genuine Place of Wechmar, Thuringia, Germany.



From this Veit Bach Mill in the lovable Bach place of Wechmar too you will see no interior photos on this website. However, the outdoor photos of the mill are taken during perfect weather. Are you aware of the bow of the road around the Veit Bach Mill? They could have built it straight – and that is what they had planned.


It was actually planned to get rid of the old ruins, tear everything down and shred it to firewood. However, they realized later, that this was the oldest domain of the ancestor of the most famous family of musicians of all times. Much, much engagement lead to the fact, they didn't tear the mill down, then to build the street around the complex and finally to rebuild the mill to it's nowadays beauty. Such a thing only happens, when the right individuals are at the right place at the right time. And that was the case in the Bach place of Wechmar in beautiful Thuringia back then.





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What is part of a real mill and that is true as well for the Veit Bach Mill in the Bach place of Wechmar and must not be missing? Correct ... the millstone.




History of the Veit Bach Mill at the Bach Place of Wechmar – Here Introduced Very Briefly


The Veit Bach Mill is existing – it's that easy – at least since the year 1600. Because in this mill, the baker Veit Bach was grinding his grain. The same did his son, who was Hans, the Spielmann. Both are mentioned in the most Bach biographies. And they are as well mentioned in the "Ursprung der musicalisch-Bachischen Familie", which is the "Genesis of the Musical-Bachish Family", which Johann Sebastian Bach himself wrote down in the year 1735. There it is mentioned, that Veit Bach seemed to have fun playing the Cythringen in the Veit Bach Mill, which they later named after him. Cythringen was an early German name for a cittern.

The backyard of the Veit Bach Mill. So you get a total imagination of this exciting place.



The Year 1888 And the Bach Place of Wechmar


1888 is an important date in the Bach history of this village of Wechmar, more exactly what they call Bach Stammort Wechmar, Bach Ancestral Home Wechmar. Since that year the residents are cultivating this heritage with that special significance for all Bach fans. The Böhner Society in the town right next to the community of Wechmar, the Bach city of Gotha, spread the news first: Wechmar is the cradle of the largest family of musicians in the world. And it's the Bach place of Wechmar, where the Bach family and music met for the first time. A historic steel sheet still today reminds of the memorable year of 1888 that is – after all – already more than 120 years ago. But, at that time back in 1888 just the Bach Stammhaus was attraction it was a bakery back then. Until 1935 Wechmar was a favored Bach pilgrim destination for many Bach fans from all over the world. Bach performances and amateur plays were attractive and frequently famous artists were guests. Until the start of World War II ended these activities.


From the outside, you can just imagine the loving interior inside the Veit Bach Mill ... you have to have a look on your own.




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The Year 1950 and the Bach Place of Wechmar


In 1950, they wanted to install a Bach museum in Wechmar. But this plan didn't find excite the community council. Until 1994, when they prepared the first German Historic Costume Festival with 7,000 contributors and 50,000 expected guests when they wanted to come up with a Bach memorial. This museum became the oldest Bach domain in the World: The Bach Stammhaus in the Bach place of Wechmar.


However, nobody knew about the treasure Veit Bach Mill in the year 1994 and in the following five years. Not at all.


Discover how everything began. With the Veit Bach Mill and the Veit Bach Stammhaus, both in the Bach place of Wechmar.



Wechmar in the Year 2000: The Exciting Unbelievable History of the Veit Bach Mill 


Beams of immense size, filled with clay, painted with white chalk. The construction just before a breakdown. That is how the Veit Bach Mill looked like in the year 2000 and engineers and construction workers researched it. "It's good firewood for the winter ..." someone said. "Strange beams" said another person. Everything was prepared for a demolition: A road change was planned to eliminate an accident spot.


Specialists researched the beams. They discovered: these beams were part of a Thuringia wood living room. They call it "Bohlenstube" in Thuringia. This living room was built in the year 1585 and that was official. 1685 this wood living room became part of a new wood frame house. Together with the "Antiques and Monuments Office", reliable planners, the residents and especially one Bach lover, the back then major of Wechmar, Knut Kreuch, they managed to preserve this cultural value.


1571 the Veit Bach Mill is – of course it's the nowadays name – in the possession of the brothers Hans and Wolf Kritzmann. A residence and the mill were connected directly. From 1600 Hans Eisser was owner of the mill. The families Bach and Eisser were close friends. And this was the connection between Veit Bach, the Veit Bach Mill and the Bach genealogy in the "Ursprung der musicalisch-Bachischen Familie", which is the Genesis of the Musical-Bachish Family, which was a list of 53 family members put together by Johann Sebastian Bach himself, as mentioned above.


Today the mill is operated by a society and the historic building is saved. That wasn't easy, as new challenges came along the construction time again and again, but finally they managed although fungus, wood pest and more challenges gave them a hard time, to finish construction on November 29th of 2003.


About the interior you will learn nothing on this website. Nothing at all. However: it's well worth a visit, to explore this cultural monument, to make a time travel back and to get a big portion closer to the genesis of the largest family of musicians. In the Bach Stammort Wechmar, the Bach Ancestral Community of Wechmar. In the Veit Bach Mill and in the Bach Stammhaus.


Please come and visit Wechmar, here five historic locations, related to the genesis of the Bach family of musicians are awaiting you, because aside of the Veit Bach Mill and the Bach Stammhaus there is the former school house as well, where once Bach family members taught, the inn and restaurant Golden Lion, which is the "Goldener Loewe", in this building a Bach family member was living later and finally there is the Saint Viti Church, which was probably the eponym for Veit Bach.


The Bach place of Wechmar is looking forward to your visit.

The "Goldener Löwe", the restaurant and bed and breakfast "Golden Lion" in the Bach place of Wechmar. You walk four minutes to the Veit Bach Mill from here.


The Saint Viti Church in the Bach place of Wechmar – from here you walk four minutes to the Veit Bach Mill. On foot ... again.


The back then school building in the Bach place of Wechmar. From here you walk five minutes to the Veit Bach Mill as well. But it's only two seconds to the Saint Viti Church.




And the Answer to the Question in the Headline? Who After All Is this Veit Bach? Veit Bach from Wechmar?!


Scientifically proven and to the point? Plus all that very precisely? Here you get the answer. Veit Bach is ancestor, progenitor of the Bach Family of Musicians, in which Johann Sebastian Bach is the icon. Veit Bach is the first Bach who demonstrably played a musical instrument.


However, he is "only" number 2, who is known by the Bach genealogy. So you can tell the genealogy of the family of musicians exactly one generation back more than to the generation of Veit Bach from Wechmar. Complicated ... yes, it's indeed complicated.


So, there is the question showing up, who actually is the ancestor of the family of musicians really is. It is and even better, it remains: Veit Bach. Actually two areas can be determined: First there is "just any" ancestor, who lived somehow between Lucy and Veit. Lucy from Africa. The second time period is regarding size sort of the opposite: It tells just about one generation only and it tells about one person only: It is the father of Veit. You can prove his existence by an entry in a church book with no doubt. However, and that's of immense importance for the Bach genealogy and the Bach science: Veit's father didn't perform music back then. So it remains that single exception for the genealogists and Bach scientists and Bach biographers are sure unanimously: Veit Bach is ancestor of the family of musicians of Johann Sebastian Bach. Plus he remains it. For ever.


However, that is just a fraction of a real especially cool story. You get much more information at "Bach on Bach" plus a really detailed chapter about this Veit Bach and his father. The options "Ungern and Ungarn" it's actually really impossible to translate it are so unbelievable exciting. For those who are interested, this page is something special.



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