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Exciting Links / Recommendations



In fact, here you will find advertising for the sale of an entire family home in Flein near Heilbronn. You will find an extraordinary amount of information on Bach 4 You. And you can also discover just such a lot of exciting background on Bach on Bach. Both links will take you there.


Together with the expert in the subject Anna Magdalena Bach, Dr. Eberhard Spree I can improve my FAQ about the second wife of Johann Sebastian Bach considerably. Now it is only a matter of placing it as high as possible in Google. Of course, there is an English page of her with the title "Anna Magdalena Bach – The Truth About Anna Magdalena Bach". Two other Bachs are worth a page of their own on the most important website in our mission: This is Veit Bach, the first of the Bachs who made music ... the founding father. For our German visitors, the information is here. And it is the oldest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, born in Weimar, Thuringia, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, whom we want to rehabilitate together with Gisela Thielicke. Of course, we want to do this also in Germany and that's why there is this page on the Bach über Bach website. With one click here you are there.



And yes ... of course I also report here when there is something new in my wife's Publishing House. And that is the case in the summer of 2023. There is now also a Luther Calendar at "Bach 4 You". And of course, we also promote it on my websites ... here you can learn more about it:



On Bach on Bach, there at the 99 music calendars ...



... on Johann Sebastian Bach for Children ...



... plus there also on a very special page ...



... and there are two complete pages on the Bach 4 You website. Once on the link in this section (... the Publishing House section) and then of course there is a page in the store section. There you can then finally buy it. You get there here.



You are a cyclist and a Bach fan? Well, then take a look at the offer of Bach by Bike. Maybe this is just the right leisure offer for you.



Egal, welche Bach-Büste? Nur die Größe zählt? Nein so ist das überhaupt nicht. Nicht bei Bach 4 You. Wir haben lange gesucht, bis wir fünf Bachbüsten mit einem  starken, spannenden Gesichtausdruck gefunden haben. Heute bekommt man alle fünf im deutschen Bach-Shop und ganz selbstverständlich auch im Bach-shop für die ganze restliche Welt.




Are you an amateur genealogist? And you live in Baden-Württemberg? Then visit the website of the Ahnenforscher Heilbronn (Family Researchers of Heilbronn, Southern Germany). It is worth it!



Are you interested in pipe organs? Then this is a paradise: Die in English (The Pipe Organ Page).



For kids between 4th and 8th grade, Unterrichtsmaterial Klassische Musik (Teaching Material Classical Music) by me and published by Bach 4 You is a compilation of 150 questions and answers, all easy-going on a multiple choice base plus an ideal compilation of 250 popular classical music works that can be arranged into one or more lessons. Of course, there is also an English sister website called Teaching Material Classical Music.



Between the start of the Corona pandemic in 2020 and the start of the third wave in 2021, the following five more cool websites are launched:



Klassik für Babys (... sorry German only)



Klassik im Kindergarten (... sorry German only)



Klassische Musik für Anfänger und Einsteiger (... sorry German only)



What is classical music? With this title the author of this website presents his latest project, which is especially aimed at young people, students, teachers, parents and classical music beginners. Nowhere else is there a Classical Music TOP 100 with the most popular classical music hits. Of course, I also offer this collection for German-speaking folks: Was ist Klassische Musik? And the collection is also available in German as well as in English for future classical music fans in the USA, Great Britain and all over the world: Klassische Musik Top 100.



Classical Music for Children is one more website, which came into being in late summer 2020 and of course there is a German website with this content as well. Its address is Klassische Musik für Kinder. The final website of three and a fourth theme is an internet offer for teachers and music teachers: Teaching Material Classical Music will help to entertain and invite young folks into the exciting world of classical music smoothly and carefully. In German Unterrichtsmaterial Klassische Musik does the same job.



Bach gifts? Music Gifts? To the English website please click here. To the German website, here. The publisher's page, where you can't shop but read delightfully about the various gifts, can be reached with a click here. The counterpart for Germans, Austrians and Swiss who do not speak English, is here.



On another Wine Calendars ... Wine Calendars website I present my latest wine calendar collection: twelve fantastic calendars on the theme of wine, from landscapes via vintage motifs to beautiful photos and the wine calendar about the wine community of Flein. This is the German portal.



A fantastic recommendation for all those who like Johann Sebastian Bach and are wine fans at the same time: the website of Laurens Mauquoi. The name of this website? The Wine Snob.



Today, on 10/19/2019 the article about Peter Bach Sr. has finally been completely finished by me in a second round. You also learn about the cooperation with me and his daughter-in-law.



Renate Bach's website "Bach 4 You" is particularly recommended for private wine connoisseurs and for owners or managers in the beverage and wine industry.



Since 2019, the website Music Calendars, Music Calendars and its German sister website Musik-Kalender, Musik-Kalender also offer twelve wine calendars.



When you have explored everything in Wechmar, why don't you drive to Eisenach next and when you are there, very close to the Bach House is the store of Christiane Möller (... Marienstraße 19). Mrs. Möller offers textile art and there you can also find works on our topic Johann Sebastian Bach. Her website?


Two websites in the field of classical music for children are: Klaviertheater (Piano Theater) and Klaviertheater Santa (... Piano Theater Santa). Just have a look.​



Two addresses in Austria are exciting. We got to know the creative people in 2018: Firstly, there's the cool magazine "Wege". And then there is the company Schreuerdesign with all options of graphic offers as well as the creation of entire websites.​



The Bach Collegium Rhenanum (BCR) is a Bach orchestra and Bach choir based in Emmerich and invites you to an exciting website.​ (... meanwhile "Kieze Katze")is a neighborhood portal, in fact for the Berlin district of Heiligensee, where neighbors exchange news about their district.



Have you ever heard about the Kilianstollen in France close to the border to Germany? If so you might be searching for relatives died in WW I. If so please click here. Because we are looking for you.



On this website you will also find hip calendars on the three topics of music, Bach as well as composers: 99 calendars are that, exactly ...



33 Bach calendars ...



33 Composer calendars ...



33 Music calendars. 



... and of course the German counterparts ...



33 Bach-Kalender ...



33 Komponisten-Kalender ...



33 Musikkalender.



Bach on Bach is my most important and by far the largest website. I promise: You don't regret a visit there. There is really much to discover. The largest English website in our mission is Bach on Bach.



Especially for people interested in Bach who speak neither English nor German, the international offers of Bach on Bach have recently become interesting. Chinese are certainly the most. But also for Dutch people there is this offer. The Greek pages follow, the international part in Hebrew and Ukrainian as well as the Turkish offer. Together there are 50 languages.



Have you ever heard of Christian Andreas Hoske? He is a family researcher or a genealogist ... just as you like. He searches for your family ... if you hire him. And you can do that in America, in Canada, in the United Kingdom and in Australia ... via his "English section" on his website. And Christian – in the meantime also our "house and farm researcher" – offers in addition a special service: If you want to become a family researcher yourself and earn your money with it. It is the page How to Become a Genealogist ... sorry folks, it's in German only. However, DEEPL is a breathtaking translation software, far from back then "funny" translations. Here you get to DEEPL.



The "Bach 4 You" stores on various gift portals on the internet are also particularly exciting. While all of them offer many items in a similar way, there are differences from one supplier to another:


Zazzle in the United States of America



Zazzle in Germany













99 Music Calendars, Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars, and Pipe Organ Calendars

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The Bach bust and the 2024 pipe organ calendar. All 99 music calendars always come in three sizes. EU style + US style. 2024 + 2025. To the shop.



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