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Bach calendars, composer calendars, music calendars. Just a few composer calendars, a few Bach calendars and a view music calendars? No, it's a total of 99, which you can order. In really different designs. And that is true for the music calendars for the Bach calendars and even more: For all 33 composers calendars. With a smile on my face, however I am really serious there is one calendar, which is very special among the 33 composers calendars. With 36 composers in one offer and your choice, you can – based on pure mathematics – combine far beyond 1 billion combinations. It's actually true. A smart team of teachers calculated that on our request. "To the point" plus with really rare stuff to read, is what you get to with just a click here: 99 music calendars compactly.



You want to get to the shop right now and find out, whether those 12 composers which we choose for the hot off the press calendars might be your favorite 12 ones, too? Click on the shop button please.



33 Composers Calendars in Many Designs 

This composer calendar is one of the most traditional music calendars in the publishing house "Bach 4 You" (... on the right). Both are released 2023 + 2024. Please read more in the oncoming paragraph, what we mean with "traditional" calendar.



One Bach Shop? Five Bach Shops!

However, if you actually do prefer the US style, which we also call the 50:50 style, please visit our shop on "Zazzle" … learn more.



33 Composers Calendars: From Really Traditional to Really Hip and Cool


As a calendar publishing house in the matter of composers calendars, Bach calendars and music calendars, both for children, teens and grownups, we wanted to target all music fans and those who are looking for a gift for a music lover.


However, humans are different. Some take the subject of classical music deadly serious, some listen to classical music rotating with fun by Justin Bieber. And they are 85, 40, 15 and some parents find a music calendar for 4 old one perfect.


So we had to think twice, how to address as many music lovers as possible and our collection is the perfect selection for many, many different individuals. We call those motives, that come closest to the famous historic paintings "traditional" or "historic" or "classic" and we call the funniest and weird ones "cool" and "hip". Don't assume, we have "either ... or". There are many shades of seriousness in between. Best is, you check a summary of all 99 music calendars, composers calendars and Bach calendars with almost no text and scroll through in warp speed.

This is a composers calendar (... on the left) in a style between traditional and cool. Actually, the portraits of the musicians are traditional. However, the blue color everywhere makes this composers calendar sort of younger and cooler. Plus: Don't forget, they all come in the European style and in the US style. 2023 + 2024.



Bach Shop 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

learn more. Because here, you will find music calendars in the US style.



Is This May Be a Value Priced Gift for Every Music Society, Every Orchestra And Every Choir to Hand Out to Others or to Own Members?


It was a Bach Institution abroad that provided us with the idea: Isn't that a value priced option, to hand a little cool gift to its members. But, how value priced is it after all?


Firstly we offer nine value priced calendars: From nine calendars in three sizes, which is 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches, we order a teeny edition, and we hand down the lover costs to you. In addition to that advantage, please calculate another volume rebate of up to 40 % (!). Probably you won't find calendars which are lower in price ... when it comes to this quality and the same subject. Maybe kitten calendars in the supermarket or puppy calendars, next on the right of the kitten calendars. However, never a composers calendar.



Value Priced Composers Calendars Vs. Hot Off the Press Composers Calendars, and It's Also True for Music Calendars and Bach Calendars


It's actually very easy. There are only two options to buy a calendar at "Bach 4 You", the small calendar publishing house in Southern Germany. Either your calendar of choice is already printed. Or – alternatively – we order it after you ordered it.


That is true for all three sizes, in which each of the composers calendar comes. So actually there are just six different prices. In the shop is where you get reliable and easy to understand additional information.

One composers calendar out of 33 composers calendars. 2023 + 2024.

All composers calendars are special, but they are exciting as they come in really many different versions for everybody's taste: That starts with very traditional and stretches until stylish, hip, and cool. Why don't you just enjoy the summary, that's possible in the shop, and you get there with a click here. You get it for both years 2023 + 2024. Three sizes. EU style, US style.



33 Music Calendars for Teens ... and Music Calendars for Grownup Music Fans

33 music calendars for musicians, music calendars for music fans, music calendars for music teachers, and music calendars for all those, who want to excite all these above-mentioned folks with a gift. Here you get to the shop. Don't miss the big portion, which is not on this page. Sure, you can buy it 2023 + 2024. On the left it is the rare Bach beer stein from 1985.



Music Calendars for Children or Children's Calendars in the Matter of Music?

Right, children's calendars are music calendars, at least it's true for our calendars. Plus for all "children between age 0.5 and 22", we have the perfect music calendars, too. Children at age 12 months probably don't enjoy this calendar much. And kids with 22 years of age are young grownups but no children anymore. However, here these facts are not important: Essence is the calendars are cool and that is what they are. In the shop, you get many different styles. And yes, of course, for very traditional music fans, too. Your way to the shop. 2023 + 2024.



Bach Calendars, Really Many Bach Calendars ... Don't Worry: More Traditional Will Follow!

A cool Bach calendar on the left and a great Bach T-shirt on the right ...

... a traditional Bach calendar ...

...  and again a traditional Bach calendar. You get Bach calendars and more Bach calendars in the shop. That is to say exactly 33 are related to this very special subject and 99 calendars are related to the subject of music. You absolutely know now what to do, don't you?!

... will this Bach calendar ever be printed?


Neither traditional, nor hyper cool, it's pedagogical. A music calendar plus miniature biography about the life of Johann Sebastian Bach.


Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars, Music Calendars. What Else More? A Mozart Calendar, a Beethoven Calendar and a Luther Calendar

It was only a long, long time after the publication of the 33 composers calendars, in each of which twelve artists are portrayed, and the 33 Bach calendars, that the two other exciting works were created: the Mozart calendar and, below that, the Beethoven calendar. As in the 33 Bach calendars, these two offer twelve motifs each on Mozart and Beethoven. To the shop.

Yes, with it you get Beethoven a whole twelve times Beethoven. This link will take you to the store again.


Yes, with it you get Beethoven a whole twelve times Luther. This link will take you to the store again.



Our Best Favorite Is Also the "Most Historic" of All Composers Calendars

Composers calendars ... speaking of selection: With this calendar and the historic newspaper title pages you have no choice, but to decide for it ... or not. It's possible in a regular size, moderate or real large, so actually there is something to decide. And it's coming in real thick paper. If you want to frame it later before you decorate your wall. Of course, the agony of choice is remaining as the offer above competes with all the other composers calendars. Plus there are the three sizes. We love it that much, that we offer you this composers calendar in all three sizes as one of the value priced composers calendars of the publishing house. And starting as low as ordering two calendars at a time, we start with our rebates and you begin at 15 % less payment for two. That is true for all sizes and it reaches until 40 %, if you order 100 copies of the same design.



"Bach 4 You" is the Specialist, when You Are Looking for Bach Busts and Bach Figures!

Bach busts and Bach figures: In the publishing house "Bach 4 You" they are not just any, but those with the most impressive faces! Here you can discover all Bach busts, Bach figures, Bach tin figures, little Bach men and "Bachs from the Ore Mountains". Click here, please.



Actually it wasn't that easy, to find 12 absolutely special newspaper title pages with the theme of "classical composers" for a composers calendar. Next step: We bought them and finally there was the perfect high resolution scan, to generate the perfect sharpness even on our large size calendars. After that creating the design follow. What came out is so exciting and attractive, that the little publishing house took the risk, and order a small edition in a printing company, just for the reason to make this composers calendar really competitive (... and we are talking here comparatively of calendars in the matter of kitten, puppies, little horses and little ducks ... and more little animals, but we guess, you do know ...). On top of that you get a rebate, if you order as less as two calendars and that ends at 40 %, far more than a full third of the purchase price for an order of 100 copies of this composers calendar.

The Historic Composers Calendar: An Eye Catcher, a Great Gift and a Pleasure ... a Whole Year Long!


Composers calendars and more composers calendars: That is what the monthly pages look like. Did we promise too much? Several newspaper titles together are an exciting collection, which you may frame in high quality after the year is over, if you found a really nice place on your wall. For that reason the paper is really thick, not what you get everywhere.


The Very First Bach Calendar!


The Bach calendars? Well, here they are. Firstly we would like to introduce our value priced Bach calendar. From this one – you know it meanwhile – we order a small edition so we get every copy at a reduced price, which we hand down to you. That is how it works with the 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches calendar size, the 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches size and the 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches calendar. All photos are taken with best weather and than edited by the publishing house from a collection of ten times more motives. Here you see first of all the 12 monuments ... a little small, but you get an idea.

You can purchase this Bach calendar in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and you know, how that goes from here, don't you?

And that is what the monthly pages look like in this Bach calendar, actually the "Bach Monuments Calendar". In the shop you can already now enjoy all 12 motives: My husband took the photos in Arnstadt, Mühlhausen, Köthen, Leipzig, in more Bach cities plus in Ulm, in Ansbach and Paris, France. Do you want to click to the shop?


So now, here are more additional Bach calendars. Now and here?  There is the same number of styles when it comes to Bach calendars like we offer in the "composers calendar section": 33 in both categories. Because here as well we asked many, many artists plus we have many historic jewels, too like wood engravings, steel engravings, water colors, historic postcards and prints and oil paintings, which we bought as illustrations of our websites before. Initially just to have them as illustrations of our websites, then – later – we had the idea to create and offer calendars. More themes: quotes about the hero of our mission, the Bach cities and Bach locations and the monuments even in different artistic styles: All that once was an exciting idea, today our ideas lead to an exciting and gigantic selection beyond composers calendars: They are our 33 Bach calendars. You can order a calendar related to the biography of Johann Sebastian Bach plus a different one to color. This one is what you get in full colors already, too. The one which your kids color, is – after that – the perfect gift for grandparents, godparents, best friends, cousins, aunts and uncles and Great-Grandparents, if they are still present. Already if you buy 2 calendars of the same design and size, you get an exciting rebate of 15 % and that ends at a rate of 40 %, if you order for your whole orchestra or choir. 40 % rebate is what you get, when you order 100 or up and that's valid, whether it's a value priced calendar or a hot off the press, and it's true for our music calendars, composers calendars and music calendars.

They are the definitv best known and also most famous Bach monuments, which are painted in this calendar in one style, that is, as watercolors. In addition, there are a whole twelve tributes to the composer of the Baroque era. So it's a Bach monuments calendar, or a Bach quotes calendar. Strictly speaking, it is a Bach quotes and monuments calendar.


Many Bach calendars, really many Bach calendars are ready since summer 2016. With the theme of Bach our creativity will never end. Not for Bach calendars, however not for composers calendars, too.   --

Many Bach calendars. Really many Bach calendars are available since the fall in 2016. Indeed, exactly 33. One is available as a low-priced version in three sizes, 32 are available as hot-off-the-press calendars, also in all three sizes A4 and A3 and A2. If you are a Bach fan, then one of those with this offer is certainly the right one for your taste. There are actually conservative and more than cool ones. Just ... Bach calendars and more Bach calendars. 



Weird und Wow: One Calendar Style, Two Options, More Than One Billion Possibilities: Composers Calendars and More Composers Calendars

In this calendar it's exclusively about this style of painting, and you can purchase this offer exclusively only in this painting style: That is to say Mr. Beethoven and his colleagues: 36 of the most famous and most renown composers of classical music. Just "handcraft" your own composers calendar with your favorite composers. Or you decide for our proposal.



Two Options in Brief and to the Point


The publishing company ordered 36 paintings of 36 composers in the same style. In the style you see above and below.


Now you can decide for your favorite twelve, let us know the result, and we order one calendar with these twelve composers. The alternative is our choice of the twelve composers we like best. You can order this composers calendar, too. The difference? Our choice is € 10 lower in price and it's our selection instead of yours. It's that easy.


Mr. van Beethoven, painted by a great and engaged artist. She was found by "Bach 4 You" ... so that is to say the artist, not Beethoven. Her style: Really great, of course not every composers fan will like it. The publishing house was so excited by a second example, that it actually planned two more calendars in that style.


However, next was one consideration: With twelve composers in one calendar 50 % of all composers are probably not your first choice. And even better: Should we create the first composers calendar with the twelve best composers, and which are the twelve most famous after all. And who is second best, who are the next "league", so to speak? Plus even worse: Which composers do we declare "3rd category"? In theory a nice idea, in everyday life this idea was a flop.


The future came ... however different from we thought. So, the idea developed, that you better decide for your own composers calendar. Actually with that, you have a calendar, in which just composers of your choice are in, so to speak composers, who you like and adore.

Mr. Weber would like to request, to be one of the composers of your choice in your composers calendar. And just a reminder: The calendar "works" in three sizes, from small to impressive. See sizes in the shop. There is one ready to be printed in the shop, however the calendar of your choice is just € 10 more. To the shop.


Is This the Agony of Choice? Your Choice of 1,225,677,700 Composer Calendars

You might know the project "Bach on Bach" already a little and the author Peter Bach, Jr. – he was unbelievable bad at school back then – has a preference for funny and for big numbers. 66 quotes, 222 Bach choirs, Bach orchestras and Bach societies, 33 music pieces, 33 photo collections. And on his hunt for more superlatives he – my husband – had the idea, to request, how many options would result to combine composers for a composers calendar, if you provide a total of 36 masters. Please jump over the next paragraph. It will become – almost – absurd. However, please go on reading after that.



Three Experts, One Slob + a Gigantic Number of Similar Great Composers Calendars


My husband did it, like he did it at school, too: He multiplied 36 by 36. That ( ! ) is what he could do with one number, that is to say he had 36 master pieces for many, many composers. So multiplying that is a number of 1,296 different options. For him. With his special knowledge of calculating. And with an F in mathematics – a long, really long time ago.


Our best friend – two days later – he is a doctor, an engineer, an expert in everything – and I am honest – he spoke of sextillions of options, until we told him, that our client would not have the option to chose, whether Bruckner is on the January monthly page and Mozart in May, Bach in October and finally Beethoven is the December guy. That made it much easier, but not really easy.


A team of friends inside the Bach project helped and calculated first 153 possibilities, what instantly all parties doubted, even the lady that calculated it ...


... and she corrected it herself already 30 minutes later and calculated the unbelievable number on a basis of "36 over 12" and got 1,251,677,700 options. Very carefully – even as early as today – we want to call ourselves the calendar publishing house, that offers the most different composers calendars in European style on the planet. And every single composers calendar is just € 10 more expensive, than the 12 "candidates", that we chose.

Mr. Berlioz, from the motive and how the artist portrayed him, it's a clear favorite for your personal composer calendar. The only thing left is, hopefully you do like his music good enough. Not important, but interesting: With the number above it's clear by the way, that you can order different composers calendars or hand it as a gift until eternity. However, we would have to solve the problem with the infinite life a little.

Franz Liszt. If you feel the same way we do when you choose your composers to create your own personal composers calendar, then you really have the agony of choice. Our promise: That won't be "easy going".

33 composers calendars. Three sizes. 2023 + 2024. To the shop.


Bach gifts, almost countless Bach gifts in five Bach … learn more.

The Bach bust (... one of four) and the pipe organ calendar, here again. To the shop.



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