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Music calendars, pipe organ calendars, composers calendars, Bach calendars: They ... are available at "Bach 4 You". Does that mean exactly one or two Bach calendars? Two or three composers calendars? And only three or four music calendars? No, all together there are 99 music calendars that you can order. In completely different designs. For really all tastes, from very conservative to really super-cool. And that goes for the music calendars, for the Bach calendars and also for the stylish composers calendars. With a smirk ... and yet it is true and concerns a very special of the 33 composers calendars: With 36 different composers in this one painting style ... and your choice, you can – purely arithmetically – compose well over a billion different combinations yourself. That's how big the selection really is. A smart team of teachers calculated this at our heartfelt request. "To the point" and with only very spare reading material you get to a complete overview, after a short introduction with just one click: 99 music calendars compact and clear.


You have now so no time for entertainment and would like to immediately visit the store, because you are here to do shopping? Please click on the button.


33 Composers Calendars in Many Designs 

On the left a music calendar, on the right one of the most conservative composers calendars in the Calendar Publishing House "Bach 4 You". Both are also published in 2024 + 2025. Please read in the coming section what we mean by "conservative".



One Bach Shop? Five Bach Shops!

However ... if you want to have this calendar in brochure style - which we also call 50:50 style, or US style - feel free to visit our store at "Zazzle" ... By the way, the best place to find T-shirts is also at "Zazzle". Here you go.



33 Composers Calendars: From Actually Really Traditional to Actually Really Hip and Cool


As a calendar publisher in the matter of composers calendars, Bach calendars and music calendars, both for children, as well as for young people and finally equally for adults, we want to address all music fans and also such people who are looking for a gift for music fans.


But people are very different. Some people really only take classical music very seriously, others listen to classical music sometimes, sometimes to Justin Bieber. And they are 85, 40 or 15 years old and some parents already find a music calendar for a four-year-old perfectly suitable.


So we thought a little bit about how we could address as many different music lovers as possible. And in the meantime, our collection is now the perfect offering for many, many different individuals. We call these motifs that are closest to the historical, famous, ancient images, conservative or historical or traditional. And we call the fun ones and the most exuberant ones cool, hip or mega-cool. But please don't conclude that we can only do "either ... or." There are many shades of seriousness in between. Best of all, convince yourself with a summary of all 99 music calendars, composers calendars, pipe organ calendars, and Bach calendars, too, with almost no text at all and for scrolling at warp speed. Click on the button right here close by.


This is a composers calendar (... on the left) in style between traditional and cool. Indeed, the portraits of the musicians are traditional. Nevertheless: The blue color all over makes this composers calendar a younger and cooler calendar, but ... just a little bit. 2024 + 2025.



Bach Shop 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

At Zazzle, you'll learn about the style of not only 95 percent of all music calendars, but all calendars in general in the US.​



Is This May Be a Value Priced Gift for Every Music Society, Every Orchestra And Every Choir to Hand Out to Its Own Members?


Of all things, the enthusiasm of a Bach institution abroad gave us the idea: Isn't this a really inexpensive option to give away a cool little present as a company, a choir, a club or an institution? For Christmas, for example? And how cost-effective is that anyway?


Firstly, there are twelve low-priced calendars in the Publishing House program: We have a tiny print run of twelve calendars in each of the three formats – DIN A4 and DIN A3 and also DIN A2 – and we pass on a price advantage to you. On this you calculate please besides and additionally ( ! ) another discount of 10 to 13 percent already with a purchase of ten pieces. And yes, these can be different calendars. You will hardly find such sophisticated works in the same technical quality and on the same subject at a lower price. Maybe the doggie calendar in the mall or the kitten calendar to the left of the doggie calendar. But never – even rudimentary – a composers calendar. It will be even more favorable if you need more such calendars. Then we should communicate. Because then you can choose from 99 offers, if it is about exclusively "one calendar for all".



Value Priced Composers Calendars Vs. Hot Off the Press Composers Calendars ... And It's Also True for Music Calendars and Bach Calendars


Actually, it's really simple. You only have the choice between two kinds of calendars at Bach 4 You, the small Calendar Publishing House in Southern Germany. Either the calendar of your choice is already finished. Or – alternatively – we have it printed when you order it. Well, as brochure calendars – like most calendars are in the US – they are available as a third option.​


And this applies to all three sizes in which you can get each composers calendar directly here from me. So there are – all in all – quite exactly also only six prices for the ones I can send you. Three sizes, favorable or hot off the press. And in the store you also get further, easily understandable information.

One composers calendar out of 33 composers calendars. 2024 + 2025.

The composers calendars are not only individually something very special, but they also inspire by the fact that they really appeal to all tastes: from conservative to hip and from serious to super-cool. Just enjoy the survey, that's possible in the store. And with one click you are instantly there ... in the store or at the overview. You get each for the two years 2024 + 2025. In three sizes.​



Music Calendars for Teens ... And Music Calendars for Grownup Music Fans

33 music calendars for musicians, music calendars for music fans, music calendars for music teachers, and music calendars for all those, who want to excite all these above-mentioned folks with a gift. Here you get to the shop. Don't miss the big portion, which is not on this page. Sure, you can buy it 2024 + 2025. On the left it is the rare Bach beer stein from 1985.



Are They Music Calendars for Children or Children’s Calendars About Music?

That's right, children's calendars are also music calendars, at least that's exactly how it is with us. And for all "children between 0.5 and 22" we also have the appropriate music calendars. Of course, children at the age of five months don't really get much out of such a calendar yet. And at 22, young adults are of course no longer children. But, here it is not so important: The main thing is that the calendars are cool, and of course they are. There are many different styles in the store. Yes sure, even for very, very conservative music fans of all ages. 2024 + 2025.​



Bach Calendars, Really Many Bach Calendars ... Don't Worry: More Traditional Will Follow!

A cool Bach calendar on the left and a great Bach T-shirt on the right ...

... a conservative Bach calendar ...

... and another conservative Bach calendar. Bach calendars and more Bach calendars are available in the store. In fact exactly 33 on the theme of the Thomas Cantor and 99 music calendars in total. You now know for sure how it works that you get to the store?!

... I wonder if this Bach calendar will ever be printed?

Neither conservative nor is it hip. This calendar is educational. A music calendar for children with a miniature biography about the life of Johann Sebastian Bach. In German and English at the same time.



Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars, Music Calendars. What Else More? A Mozart Calendar, a Beethoven Calendar and a Luther Calendar

It was only a long, long time after the publication of the 33 composers calendars, each portraying twelve different artists, and the 33 Bach calendars that the two other exciting works were created: the Mozart calendar and, below that, the Beethoven calendar. As in the 33 Bach calendars, these two offerings each feature twelve motifs on Mozart and Beethoven. To the store.

Yes, with it, you get Beethoven a whole twelve times. 


And with this one, you get a whole twelve times Luther. It is the very youngest calendar in the store, and you can also get it as a favorable calendar.​ This link will take you to the store again.



Our Best Favorite Is Also the "Most Historic" of All Composers Calendars

Composers calendars ... and regarding the topic "choice": With this calendar with the historical newspaper titles above you can unfortunately choose nothing at all, except just that you decide for it ... or just against it. DIN A4 or DIN A3 and also even in DIN A2. That is of course possible, so you can decide something after all. Always on really strong paper, printed by a top printer. Also for later framing the historical sheets and decorate a wall, it is ideally suited. Of course, the agony of choice remains, because this composers calendar competes with the other composers calendars. And because there are also three sizes to choose from. Read more about this calendar below.



"Bach 4 You" Is the Specialist, When You Are Looking for Bach Busts and Bach Figures

Bach busts and Bach figurines: In the Publishing House "Bach 4 You" they are not just any, but those with the most impressive faces! Here you can discover all Bach busts, Bach figurines, Bach tin figures, little Bach men and "Bachs from the Ore Mountains". Click here, please.



It was not so easy to actually find twelve very special historical newspaper front pages with the themes Classical Composers for a composers calendar. Next step: shopping for these pages and finally the perfect scan to generate even for the largest planned calendar format DIN A2 still an optimal sharpness and: the design. In addition, "on top" you get already discount starting from an order quantity of ten pieces and that are 10 to 13 percent. So if you want to give away music calendars or are considering an order as a club or as a company, then feel free to let us know personally, because the store system does not "equipped" for discounts.



The Historic Composers Calendar: An Eye Catcher, a Great Gift and a Pleasure to Yourself... a Whole Year Long!


Composers calendar and more composers calendar: This is what the calendar pages look like. Have we promised you too much? Several newspaper titles make an exciting collection, which can be framed in the best possible way after a year has passed and thus find a nice place on a wall. That's why the paper is decidedly thick, not the way it's often offered.




The Very First Bach Calendar!


The Bach calendars? Well, here they follow. Firstly, we introduce you to our inexpensive Bach calendars. From the favorable – you know it by now – we let print only a small edition, get with it the piece then more favorably, and we pass a price advantage on to you. So it works in DIN A4 and in DIN A3 and also in DIN A2. All photos in this Bach calendar are photographed in the best weather and with much love and finally put together by the Publisher from a ten times higher selection of photos. Here you can see all motifs compact ... a little small of course, but you get a first idea.

You can purchase this Bach calendar in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 ... and you know, how that goes from here, don't you?


And this is how the individual sheets look in this Bach calendar, actually the "Bach Memorial Calendar". Now and here in large format. In the store you can even enjoy all twelve motifs: Photographed in Arnstadt, Mühlhausen, Köthen, Leipzig, other Bach cities as well as in Ulm, in Ansbach and in Paris. Would you like to get to the store now?



So now, where is there now moreover such a selection of Bach calendars? Now and here? There are just as many different styles of Bach calendars as there are of composers calendars, in fact 33. For this we also asked many, many artists and we also "processed" many historical treasures like wood engravings, steel engravings, watercolors, historical postcards and prints as well as oil paintings, which we bought before for the illustration of the websites. At first also only to get great pictures for our websites, but then – later – we finally came up with the idea of the music calendars. Other themes in our Bach calendars: quotes about the hero of our mission, historical portraits of the master composer, his places of activity and also again the monuments, but in different styles: All these were once just exciting ideas. Meanwhile, our ideas have become a great and huge selection of composers calendars beyond: They are just our 33 Bach calendars. You can order a Bach calendar for "Bach Biography for Children" or you can order one for coloring. Of course, you can also get the same one already painted. The coloring calendar is the perfect gift for godparents, grandparents, best friends, cousins, nieces and uncles, aunts and great-grandparents, the latter if still available. Already with ten calendars there is an exciting discount of 10 to 13 per cent, if you order directly for your whole association. And starting from 100 pieces it becomes most favorable, all the same whether a composers calendar, a Bach calendar or a music calendar pleases you. It also doesn't matter whether it's a favorable calendar or a calendar hot off the press ... because the calendars hot off the press then become favorable.

They are the definitv best known and also most famous Bach monuments, which are painted in this calendar in one style, that is, as watercolors. In addition, there are a whole twelve tributes to the composer of the Baroque era. So it's a Bach monuments calendar, or a Bach quotes calendar. Strictly speaking, it is a Bach quotes and monuments calendar.


Many Bach calendars, really many Bach calendars are ready since summer 2016. With the theme of Bach our creativity will never end. Not for Bach calendars, however not for composers calendars, too.

Many Bach calendars. Really many Bach calendars are available since the fall in 2016. Indeed, exactly 33. One is available as a low-priced version in three sizes, 32 are available as hot-off-the-press calendars, also in all three sizes DIN A4 and DIN A3 and DIN A2. If you are a Bach fan, then one of those with this offer is certainly the right one for your taste. There are actually conservative and more than cool ones. Just ... Bach calendars and more Bach calendars



Weird and Wow: One Calendar Style, Two Options, More Than One Billion Possibilities ... Composers Calendars and More Composers Calendars

This calendar is exclusively about this style of painting, and you can get this offer only in exactly this style of painting: That is, Mr. Beethoven and his colleagues: 36 ( ! ) of the most famous and well-known composers of classical music. Simply "craft" your own individual composers calendar with your favorite composers. Or – alternatively v follow our suggestion.



Two Options in Brief and to the Point


My Calendar Publishing House had 36 paintings made ... by 36 composers and all in the same style. In exactly the style you see above and below.


Now you can choose your twelve favorite composers, let us know your result, and we will order a calendar with exactly these twelve composers. The alternative is our choice of the twelve composers we like best. You can also order this composers calendar. The difference? Our choice is € 10 cheaper, and it is just our choice of composers. Including VAT.


Right at the top: Mr. van Beethoven, interpreted by a great and dedicated artist. Found by Bach 4 You ... the artist, not Beethoven. Her paintings: great quality, but surely not really every composers-fan likes this style. My Publishing House was so enthusiastic about a second example of this artist that we planned a whole three calendars, each with twelve other composers.


But then the surprise: With twelve composers in one calendar, most likely 50 percent are not exactly your favorites. And above all: Should you equip the first composers calendar with the most famous twelve composers? And ... which are actually the most famous twelve? And then: Which are the "second best" twelve composers? And worst of all: Which ones do we degrade to the "third category"? In theory a nice idea, in practice a flop.


The future came ... however quite different than we thought. And so we came up with the idea that you ( ! ) could better compile your own composers calendar yourself. Then only exactly the top musicians are represented, whose music you really love and appreciate.

Mr. Haydn asks for your favor to be included in the composers calendar of your choice. And just a reminder: This calendar also "works" in DIN A4 and in A3 and also in DIN A2. But there is also a selection of this design, which we already made for you. The one you put together, by the way, is also only € 10 more expensive. To the store. To the shop.



Is This the Agony of Choice? Your Choice of 1,225,677,700 Composer Calendars


By now, you may already be a little familiar with the Bach on Bach project, and the author Peter Bach Jr. – himself incredibly "unsuccessful" in arithmetic during his school years – has a soft spot for funny and strange numbers: 66 Bach quotes, 222 Bach choirs, Bach associations and Bach orchestras, 33 Bach music pieces, 33 photo spreads. On the hunt for more exciting superlatives, he – my husband – had the idea of simply calculating how many different combinations of composers calendars would result if someone really put together all possible options from 36 motifs. Skip the next section if necessary. It becomes – almost – silly. But please continue reading afterwards. By the way, you can get to Bach on Bach via the link, a few lines above.​



Three Experts, One Slob and a Gigantic Number of Similar Great Composers Calendars


My husband did it the same way he did it when he was in school: multiply 36 x 36. That ( ! ) he could do with the numbers he had available: In fact 36 masterpieces for many, many composers calendars. So multiply. That gave him a number of 1,296 different variations. For him. With his cool "math special knowledge." And with an F in math ... a long, long time ago. Our best friend – two days later – has a doctorate, is an engineer, an ace at everything, but talks about trillions of options until we told him that you can't choose whether Bruckner is shown in January, in May or in December. That made it easier again, he said, but not really easy.​


Another team of friends in the Bach project then calculated 153 combinations, which seemed very few to all those involved so far, including the lady who calculated it ... 


... finally, our best friend (... the one from the section before) calculated the incredible number based on "36 over 12" to 1,251,677,700 possibilities. Very carefully, we would like to call ourselves the Calendar Publishing Company that offers the most composers calendars on the planet. And every single one of these composer calendars is just € 10 more expensive than the calendar in this painting style with twelve "candidates" of our choice. Both variants are then fresh off the press composers calendars.

Mr. Berlioz, from the motif and its implementation a clear favorite for your composers calendar. If you also only like his music well enough and also the design, so the style of this artist. By the way: From the above enormous number it follows that you could order different composers calendars until the end of eternity and give away different composers calendars. We would have to solve somehow only something with the infinitely long life.

Franz Liszt. If you feel the same way we do when it comes to compiling your composers into an exciting composer calendar, then you really are spoiled for choice now. Our promise: This will probably not be "easy going" at all. 33 composers calendars. Three sizes. 2024 + 2025. To the shop.


Bach gifts, almost countless Bach gifts in five Bach Shops ... learn more here.

The Bach bust (... one of five ...) and the pipe organ calendar, here again. 



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