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It is believed that Johann Sebastian Bach actually looked like this. And ... that is not for sure ... because there are several portraits of the master from Eisenach.




The Website About the Most Famous Musical Family in the World and About Johann Sebastian Bach

It is not only one of the youngest websites regarding the subject of Johann Sebastian Bach, but it's probably the most entertaining, too. Plus this website offers the reference of Bach genealogy: From the roots in Wechmar and earlier to the great-great-grandchildren of the composer, which still are living today, it's foremost the correctest family research regarding the family of musicians. Plus regarding the descendants of Veit Bach from Wechmar, in the USA. Do not click on the button, if you didn't like the style, the way of writing and the English grammar on this website. If you liked it, what are you waiting for?




Almost Uncountable Music Gifts

Even if you don't want to buy a music gift at all (... but something else) or even order one from another artist, you can – via the following link – support our Bach mission ... here you can learn more.



Mister Christian Hoske: If You Want to Speed Up Your Research in Germany by Far

There he is. Mister Hoske. Our Mister Hoske. Family researcher or genealogist, if you like that term better. A professional. He helps to find. Plus he is quick ... very quick. Here you get more information, when you realize, that you won't make it on your own, to find your ancestors. Plus regarding the Bach place of Wechmar Mr. Hoske was able to help us. Without his expertise we would have never discovered our roots. Mr. Hoske is the perfect partner for you, if you need support in an archive for an affordable fee. Plus believe me as the creative behind the website "Bach on Bach" and coming with it, the research of the complete Bach genealogy: So fast, like he finds information reliably, arranges it, interprets it and finally edits it, we as regular folks are not capable, not in 1,000 cold winters (... a German saying). Your grandpa or your grandma is what you find yourself. However, if you have to explore century old church books, if this hobby really means something to you, than you now know where you find Mr. Hoske again later. Here, that is to say on the website "Bach Place of Wechmar". So, now let's click to Christian Andreas Hoske. Let's discover his website.

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Dine, Lodge and Feel Home, where More than 400 Years Ago the Bach Story Began

I myself was a guest: on the occasion of my Bach research in the Bach village of Wechmar to take photos. At the Golden Lion with Mr. Löffler. And I felt very comfortable: I ate very well, slept very well and had a very good conversation with him. Of course: about the Bache! And not just about those who already lived here in the Bach village of Wechmar 400 years ago. By the way: In the Golden Lion they offer quite other exciting things than "only" the proximity to the Bach family. In spring 2017, the Golden Lion is unfortunately looking for a new tenant. As soon as he is found, there will of course be a link here again. 2022 is unfortunately not yet found a new tenant.


The Johann Sebastian Bach Website Especially for Children, Students, and Young Adults

This is the youngest website in the whole "Bach on Bach" project of websites about the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Originally it was planned just for children and teens. Now it is exciting for parents, grandparents god parents, uncles, aunts and even for music teachers, in particular for music teachers, too. With a click on the button you get to this cute Bach for children website in no time.


Many Bach Shops, Many Bach Gifts

Music calendars, music calendars ... did you know "Bach 4 You" offers them in zwei Bach shops? Learn more.


99 Music Calendars: Pipe Organ Calendars, Composers Calendars, and Bach Calendars

A Bach beer stein and the 2023 pipe organ calendar. It's just one of many modern Bach beer steins and one of several pipe organ calendars. Three sizes. 2023 + 2024. To the shop.



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