The Bach Ancestral Home Is the Bach-Stammhaus at the Bach Location of Wechmar, Thuringia

Just a few nice pictures of the Bach Stammhaus, which is the Bach Ancestral Home, are supposed to excite you here, to invite you for a visit on your Bach trip through Thuringia, Germany. That is, because we don't want to spoil all of the fun prior to your visit by showing you everything including the interior of the Bach-Stammhaus. By the way: You can even discover the church tower of the Saint Viti Church from interstate 4 between Erfurt, Thuringia to Frankfurt, Hesse – so close is the Bach place of Wechmar located near the Autobahn. From the exit of the Autobahn to the Bach Ancestral Home and to the Veit Bach Mill, it's hardly seven minutes to drive.

The Bach Ancestral Home (... the Bach-Stammhaus) at the Bach place of Wechmar, Thuringia. In the background you see the restaurant and bed and breakfast "Goldener Loewe", the "Golden Lion": To dine in here or to lodge is my very personal recommendation for you.



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The Bach seal. Of course, it's hanging at the Bach Stammhaus, the Bach Ancestral Home, the oldest Bach domain in the world. Officially acknowledged, of course. And for us car drivers: There are tons of parking spaces. And for the GPS addicted tourists: Just put in "Bachstrasse 4" and the ZIP 99869 followed by the name of the city, which is "Günthersleben-Wechmar". The rest will be accomplished by the machine.


You can take such photos at the Bach place of Wechmar yourself. And this is possible in front of the Bach Stammhaus, the Bach Ancestral Home. Here you see four Bachs of the family. Of course the spouses haven't been Bachs ever since: Two visitors are home in the USA, two are from Swabia in Germany. Although the article is in German you might be interested in reading it. Please click on the button.


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Wenn die Engel Musik für Gott machen, spielen sie Bach. Füreinander spielen sie Mozart.

Sir Isaiah Berlin


When the angels play music for God, they play Bach. For themselves they play Mozart.

Sir Isaiah Berlin

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