Hours at the Bach Ancestral Home, the Bach-Stammhaus in Wechmar

I was happy to find out for you because I have already once received a "harsh" email because a group of cyclists stood in front of nothing but closed doors, but I have nothing at all to do with the offer there:


The "Golden Lion" currently is only an option to stay overnight! And during the opening hours of the Bachhaus a group could be guided and nobody answers the phone during that tour ... or it is not open at all. Therefore, please call there, preferably at the latest, the day before your visit!

The Bach Stammhaus in Wechmar is best contacted by phone on a Tuesday or Thursday before you want to travel there*!


+ 49 3 62 56 - 2 26 80


Wechmar is very pleased to welcome you ...


Tuesday and Thursday 10 am to 4 pm* 


* In addition, you are also offered a guided tour at other times ... by arrangement. And another " secret tip ": Everything is in Wechmar – by the tininess of the municipality – always and constantly in the change. Please call ... before you put your travel plans into action – better in any case – at the latest the day before, or shortly before. So that you do not stand in front of closed doors, finally.

At the Bach Ancestral Home in the Bach location of Wechmar in Bachstraße hangs, of course, the museum's sign. On it, you can see the Bach Seal, which Johann Sebastian Bach himself designed. It is the three letters "JSB". First laterally correct, then added laterally reversed. Crown on it ... finished. By the way, it is the "old" Bach seal. Want to know more about why this is the old Bach seal? You know how it works.


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