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In fact, there is a Luther calendar, a Beethoven calendar and a Mozart calendar in a publishing house that actually, but only actually, deals exclusively with Johann Sebastian Bach. And yes, you are right, there are also the composers calendars with the "colleagues" of the Eisenach composer and the many general music calendars have nothing to do with the Thomas Cantor. Finally, the wine calendars ... it is probably better to start the page about the Luther calendar, the Mozart calendar and the Beethoven calendar again and completely different. So ...


Since 2022 there are two more composers calendars in the Publishing House "Bach 4 You". These are the Beethoven calendar and the Mozart calendar. And then, since 2023, there is also the Luther calendar, for which we puzzled for a long time how you could probably find it best. So ... with which spelling (... only in German). Luther-Calendar, with hyphen or in one word, then just Luthercalendar. Well, you are already convinced that you would like to inform yourself more intensively, more compactly than on this page, in order to buy one of the calendars then? Just a Luther calendar, a Mozart calendar or a Beethoven calendar? Then click here to visit the store. Scroll a little bit below the music calendars on that page. In the fourth and fifth offer line. There they are.


The 2024 + 2025 Luther Calendar. It is not only the youngest calendar in my Publishing House, but the very youngest. Of course, it is also available in three sizes and two styles.



Why at all are there Bach calendars, music calendars and composers calendars for around ten years, but not a single calendar about Mozart and also not about Beethoven? And why, finally, does the Luther calendar not appear until a year later?


Well, at the beginning of our common mission, which consists of the "Bach on Bach" project of my husband Peter and my publishing house "Bach 4 You", we wanted, well more precisely he, my husband, wanted to create exactly 99 music calendars to finance the expenses for his research. The subject of Bach was obvious, and because there were so many current works of art, such as steel engravings, wood engravings, etchings and paintings, by the various composers – yes, also about Mozart and also about Beethoven – the composers calendars were also created shortly afterwards. Always twelve masters in one calendar. The idea of also creating a Mozart calendar and a Beethoven calendar then also existed for a whole ten years ... simply ... not. This was also due to the fact that we had no idea what could be decided to add to the content of such a calendar, which honors only one and not twelve masters.


Enough reading, now quickly to the store? Gladly via the button. There you will find all calendars, but please note ... the Mozart calendar on this page – and also the Beethoven calendar and the Luther calendar – is not one of the composers calendars. All three can be found in the overview there below. Under the music calendars and the angels calendar.

The Mozart calendar is the second-youngest calendar in my Publishing House. In fact, it was created because we also "invented" the Beethoven calendar. Of course, it is also available in three sizes and two styles. This year and next year.



It was the year 2020 and the world wanted to celebrate the 250th birthday of the musical superstar. Now Beethoven is meant. But Corona made many fans quite a heavy line through the bill. What a pity! But of course the event did not pass by unnoticed. The Beethoven anniversary was of course a topic. And it initiated the idea of creating a Beethoven calendar. But the challenge still remained: what to put in it, because there was too little of everything: too few portraits, too few photos of great monuments, too few wood engravings. But ... one third of the content could work. If, yes, if we could get hold of the original wood engravings, because we needed them for high-quality scans. We finally did it. Although there was no excellent photo of one of the monuments, there were more scenes from Beethoven's life, depicted on wood engravings from a distant time.​


The Beethoven calendar and its cover are decorated with what is certainly the most famous motif of the composer. Of course, it is not the original above, but an excellent new work after the famous origin. Also, this calendar ... had you expected something else ... there is, of course, 2024 and 2025 and in all the future. And also via "Zazzle" ... so our American friends (... yes and you too) get it as well as a brochure calendar. That is, with a huge grid.



Back to the Beethoven calendar, respectively then Mozart calendar and finally the Luther calendar. With our experience, a lot of research and heavy thinking, we found out that there is clearly a "top league" among the experts of historical composition. Fans of Handel will wince. And lovers of Mendelssohn Bartholdy's music, too. Plus those who consider Liszt, Wagner and Schubert their equals. But worldwide, and we think also in Germany, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven are simply the " first class ". The ones "on the podium". It can be determined, apart from the degree of popularity in many countries, quite unmusically also by the number of monuments, the associations, in rankings, about mini erasers, the offer of busts and so on, and so on.


So it was only logical that, in addition to the Beethoven calendar, a Mozart calendar could also be created at the same time, if we could also find enough content for it. The idea of including at least one Mozart monument did not occur to us at that time. But ... there were enough portraits, in fact historical ones and also painted in our century. And again scenes from the life of the star. As wood engraving. This composer calendar also found favor and so there are both every year again and again. In three sizes and in two styles.

The Little Bach Figure of a well-known toy manufacturer was the indirect reason to put together a Luther calendar. Read in the next section how such a thing could be.



Already in 2017, that is before the Beethoven anniversary, the world celebrated 500 years of the Reformation and thus also 500 years of Martin Luther. To mark this occasion and in his honor, a well-known toy manufacturer published the "Luther Manikin". So at that time there was a Luther manikin and also already a Mozart manikin. But there was no Bach manikin. In recent years, we have often been asked whether there would ever be such a Bach manikin, and a Bach fan even suggested that my Publishing House could have one made. True, we could have, but with a minimum order of a few thousand ... that wouldn't have worked financially. Not at all. Absolutely not at all. And so we waited and hoped. For a long time in vain. But then came the 333rd birthday of Johann Sebastian and with it came the long-awaited Bach manikin.


Of course, my Publishing House ordered a small number, and you can now also buy this Bach manikin in my Publishing House. In the course of this consideration, in fact whether Bach fans could be enthusiastic about such an offer, the way led past the Luther manikin. Astonishing was finally the fact that this Luther manikin is the most requested of all manikins ever. And this fact led us to think whether there are so many Luther fans that a Luther calendar would have a good chance of success. And we thought ... yes, that could be.


The challenge remained, now for the third time, in fact after the "filling" of the Mozart calendar and the Beethoven calendar, whether there were enough motifs available for such a Luther calendar. Quite in passing it should be mentioned that of course twelve portraits in a calendar would have been boring and that also applies to twelve Luther monuments. A challenge especially with a calendar about Martin Luther was also that we didn't want to include any portraits that were too cool "newer style". Then we also weren't sure – Luther isn't "our topic and core competence" – if there were enough great and different wood engraving motifs.


Stamps were then still an option, but some – those from Europe and mainly from Germany – were too ugly. On the other hand, the ones from Africa and the Caribbean as well as Arabia were cool, but firstly too colorful and secondly Martin Luther had little to do with the three world regions mentioned. A single stamp met the "minimum requirement" and we bought it, only to discard its inclusion in the calendar even before it was printed. For in the meantime we had found enough historical portraits and also monuments on dreamlike photos as well as finally the scenes from his life of which we managed to buy the respective wood engravings.

The former site of the Bach Monument in Eisenach brings the two greats of German history together spiritually. Above and behind Bach, the inscription on the church portal commemorates Martin Luther: "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott." Luther wrote the text and composed it with at least one fellow composer. Today, the Bach memorial stands on the Frauenplan, next to the Bach House and next to the Bach Museum.

Another place in the Bach city and at the same time Luther city of Eisenach, where the baroque composer and the reformer had been very close ... at least spiritually and with a distance of around 200 years: the Martin Luther Highschool, slightly uphill to the right, when you are standing in front of the Georgenkirche (St. George Church) and have the city castle in your back.


Could Luther and Bach have studied on the same chair in today's Martin Luther High School? Possibly, but whether chairs in the classroom lasted 200 years back then? Rather ... not.

Two memorial plaques to the right and left of the door remind us of two famous residents of the Bach city and the Luther city.



The Luther Calendar and Its Monthly Pages


The Luther calendar in January: This portrait is also one of the very famous.

The Luther Calendar in Feburary: We think it's the greatest picture of a Luther monument. Everything is right here: the background, the monument itself, the weather. Even though Dresden is not one of the Luther cities, we decided for this photo and this Luther monument.

March in the Luther calendar and the first wood engraving. Luther arrives at the Wartburg near Eisenach. In the calendar itself, that on a printed sheet, such a wood engraving is displayed properly clean. On some electronic gadgets and in some browsers, however, not quite optimal.

A dream setting, the monument itself , but also the canopy that frames the Luther monument. It was this composition that we really liked in this photo: And so, as of now, it is April in our Luther calendar. 2024 and 2025. In three sizes. In two styles. Luther is standing here under this canopy, an exciting attribute to this Luther monument. But you can see him with the complete canopy only if you visit this great Luther city of Wittenberg once. Or, very unsportsmanlike, if you google.

Again a rather famous picture of Dr. Martin Luther. In the Luther Calendar 2024 it is our monthly sheet number 5, the month of May in the calendar year.

The third of many, many Luther memorials around the world in our calendar in the middle of the year. Dozens of Luther memorials exist. Five of them have "made it" into our calendar. Here it is the work in Eisenach.

Luther "forinterprets" the Bible at Wartburg Castle near Eisenach. "Forinterpreting" is historical German and how it is called today, is what you know. This wood engraving represents another exciting episode in Luther's life. In our Luther calendar it is page number 7 and at the same time July.

That's right, you know this motif. It is the cover motif of the "Martin Luther 2024" calendar. And you also know by now: It is available in 2024 + 2025. In three sizes. And finally also in two styles.​

Luther marries the former nun Katharina von Bora. What a work of art above ... the whole scene inspires, as does the detail and fine workmanship in this wood engraving. We found one for sale, scanned it and refinished it to perfection. And now it is sheet 9 in the Luther calendar and appears, with the other motifs, again and again each year in the then current calendar. I wonder if we'll put together a second Luther calendar ... and a third Luther calendar? Well ... in our heads the first ideas are already inspiring.

Fall in the Luther Calendar 2024. The Luther monument in the Luther city of Eisleben inspires with the addition of the church tower in the background and the cloud formation in the sky. It is October in this "total work of art Luther calendar". This fun will be back next year. And the following year as well.

The calendar year is nearing its end and Martin Luther is making music with his family. What a wood engraving, what a work of art. The adornment of every wall for every person who buys this Luther calendar or receives it as a gift. It is November in the Luther calendar 2024.

December in the Luther Calendar 2024. Did you know that the Luther monument in Worms is the largest Reformation monument in Europe? Here it is photographed in such a way that Luther most certainly plays the leading role. He does it also in real life, because this figure in the middle is bigger, stands higher and is dominant. However, it cannot be photographed with the ten other personalities in such a way that Luther is dominant. That's why only three of the additional figures are shown on the December sheet.

Once again "may" the cover: the Luther Calendar 2024 + 2025. Three sizes. Two styles. It is the perfect Christmas gift, the perfect gift for a birthday. Or for an anniversary, a farewell or a thank you. For your pastor, organist or cantor. And for many Christians around the world. 



The Mozart Calendar and Its Monthly Pages

The Mozart calendar 2024 + 2025. In it there are no pictures of Mozart monuments. Why not? Because back then, when we put it together, we didn't think of presenting them as an option as well. Developments are sometimes as simple as that. And today Salzburg and Vienna, both Austria, are simply "a corner too far away" to go there "just quickly" only for this reason. And that also only with best weather. To photograph them. Such is the life of a photographer who only takes pictures when the sun is not only shining, but also shining on ( ! ) the subject. So mostly in the morning or ( ! ) in the afternoon, sometimes, like the Bachhaus in Eisenach only in summer and only shortly after sunrise, sometimes ... also never.


The Mozart calendar in January. 2024 + 2025. In two styles. In three sizes. An exciting work of art that we have not found like this for the Luther calendar and the Beethoven calendar. The style of this wood engraving is quite different from all the others.

Also not "only" as a portrait and also not as above comes this work of art. Mozart is the illustration in a weekly newspaper. Not in it, but in a similar work like "Die Gartenlaube", exciting pictures and information found together in former times, a preform of our today's illustrated magazine. It is February in the Mozart calendar.

You will encounter such a style of Mozart portrait for the first time in our composers edition. In this edition – which includes calendars on the composers Mozart, Beethoven and Luther – the personalities on the title page are honored exclusively in each case. And with twelve motifs. The composer calendars are different: 33 calendars each consist of twelve monthly pages with twelve different composers. Above, it is March in the monthly calendar. 2024 + 2025.

That's right, already the little and then later not so little Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has inspired. Who Mozart is in the picture, you will certainly recognize yourself. April in the Mozart calendar.

Another portrait of the young Mozart and a famous painter. It is currently recreated by an artist of our days and somewhat more modern in style than the corresponding antique original. May in the calendar.

The most famous Mozart motif in the Mozart calendar 2024 + 2025. Not stolen from somewhere, but inspired by the original by a young artist alive today.

The most famous Mozart motif in the Mozart calendar 2024 + 2025. Not stolen from somewhere, but recreated from the original by a young artist alive today.  --

The well-known Mozarts: Firstly, of course – in the chronological order – the father, in fact Leopold Mozart. The fact that he made music and also composed makes the Mozarts a musical family, even if not a large one. Then there is Mozart's sister, with the famous name "Nannerl", correctly also Maria Anna Mozart. And finally it is the master himself. August in the Mozart calendar. 2024 + 2025. In two styles. In three sizes.

And again a cool wood engraving from the prodigy. In September.

October in the calendar is also interpreted by a current artist and probably – on the wall – this portrait appeals more to younger Mozart fans than conservative ones. You certainly already know the key figures to the overall calendar: 2024 + 2025, three sizes, two styles.

An illustrious company of personalities of the time. Do you know any lady or gentleman beyond Mozart?

Finally, one last Mozart portrait, also historical, also a wood engraving, also famous: the December sheet.​



The Beethoven Calendar and Its Monthly Sheets


Who does not know this motif! Actually ... everyone knows it. But it is not the so well-known historical original. But a work created in our time, of course, very close to the original. But ... produced by a now living young artist. It is the Beethoven Calendar 2024 and 2025.


January in the Beethoven calendar 2024 + 2025. It is available, as well as many, many other composers' calendars and music calendars in three sizes and in two styles. Also in this Beethoven calendar, unlike the content in the Luther calendar, there are no photos of Beethoven monuments. Firstly, there is not such a large selection as with the Luther memorials, secondly, a trip to Bonn or Vienna, Austria would have been very far when we "invented" the calendars. Thirdly, they are – according to my very personal feeling – not very attractive for a calendar page. And finally, the two calendars about the two super geniuses were created one year prior to the Luther calendar ... and at that time we simply had not yet come up with the idea of also using such motifs for one or two months.

That's right, this motif looks familiar to you. It has been interpreted in a very modern way by an artist who is alive today. Hung on the wall, it may even appeal to people who otherwise do not (yet) have anything to do with "Beethoven and colleagues": February in the Beethoven calendar.

An exciting portrait of Beethoven decorates a weekly newspaper of the time. Such weeklies served more to entertain than to inform and were often adorned with portraits of superstars of the time, even if they weren't called that at the time. Such weeklies were the forerunners of today's illustrated magazines. One of them was "Über Land und Meer", still familiar to some of our elders. The March.

Another modern portrait, by a current artist fiercely imitating the original. Modern, yet quite different from the first such motif of its kind, a little further up: April in the Beethoven calendar, 2024 + 2025, in two styles, in three sizes.

Another strong wood engraving for Beethoven fans.

The middle of the year in the Beethoven calendar 2024 + 2025. Even as a traditional and conservative fan of the master, who is associated with Bonn, Germany and Vienna, Austria you can imagine this monthly sheet in the music room. It does not always have to be conservative. June.

The next precious wood engraving. Who is sitting at the piano? You guessed it. Sure, it's the master himself. It's July in the Beethoven calendar for 2024 + 2025. And it comes in two styles, in fact the European or poster style. And then also in the US style, meaning it features a huge calendrical at the bottom for entering short notes. We also call it a brochure calendar in Germany, but few people know that.

The most conservative of the famous images in the Beethoven Calendar 2024 + 2025. You know it without question. But: It is above not the original, although you would be allowed to use it with impunity, because it is now in the public domain. Only the resolution, that is, the quality is not enough on the images that "circulate" on the internet. So an artist has reproduced the picture very close to the original. It is August in the Beethoven calendar.

Is he just thinking up a new passage for one of his immortal symphonies? The Mr. van Beethoven. With his feather in his hand. And the other hand on the keyboard of his piano. For us, it's a beautiful engraving that may not be optimally displayed on some laptop, PC or tablet. As a printed calendar page, at least, the motif is perfect. As good as in the original print we bought for this calendar project.

An exciting portrait, an exciting work of art, history "meets" modernity ... October in the Beethoven calendar. You get it 2024 + 2025, in two styles and in three sizes.

Whoever composes excellently should also be allowed and able to relax excellently: Mr. van Beethoven takes a break. In the Beethoven calendar, it is – seasonally completely inappropriate – November. But maybe it was a late warm November day. 2024 + 2025.

And another historical motif, a wood engraving. With one of the well-known motifs of the master from Bonn, Germany. This December motif rounds off the year and the Beethoven calendar. Will there be a second Mozart calendar and a second Beethoven calendar someday? In our opinion ... in contrast to a second and third Luther calendar ... a clear "no". For further calendars, the two musical geniuses simply lack exciting motifs. This is different for a second and maybe even a third Luther calendar. Why at all is Martin Luther a member of the composers edition in my Publishing House? Because he also composed. A whole 30 songs. We already have enough ideas, in fact twelve, for another Luther calendar. But of course I won't reveal them to you here.

Because it is already "quite a while ago" since you got to know the Luther calendar on the top of this page of my website, "it may be here again" ... almost at the end of this page. With all key data, which you have taken note of in the meantime sufficiently. So one last time: Above it is the Dr.-Martin-Luther-Calendar, short Luther-Calendar or in one word (... in Germany), if you prefer, the Luthercalendar. 2024 + 2025, in two styles, in three sizes.



There Are More: Luther Calendars and More Luther Calendars ... or Are There No Luther Calendars at All?


Where do we look? In the bookstore? There will hardly be a Luther calendar there. In the tourist information offices? Probably not there either. And what about directly in the Luther locations and there in the museum stores and similar institutions? There they exist ... maybe. We were not there. Especially the Wittenberg calendars could be offered there. So: Let's go on the internet, to Google and first google"Luther Calendar" without a hyphen. And then also the term "Luthercalendar" in one word. And believe me, each alternate spelling for each term generates different results. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise. Except, as just noted, with both topical terms on the subject listed above. Because search queries always lead to Amazon first, let's start here with the #3 Google result. offers a "Perpetual" Luther calendar. Firstly, we do not perceive a perpetual calendar as a calendar, but as a collection of mostly twelve motifs with numbers from 1 to 28 / 30 and 31 combined. That is not a calendar. Not according to our perception. You can't buy it at anymore, but we found it at Ebay. There it works. In the Lutherverlag (Luther Publishing House) there is – perhaps shortly also our offer – but otherwise no Luther calendar at all. Googled with these keywords, only the headline "Calendar – Luther-Publishing – Online Shop" leads there.


And on it goes to the next position in the German Google ranking: The really best of all calendars around the topic of Luther. "Luther City Wittenberg" (Lutherstadt Wittenberg in German) – The Place of Work of the Rebellious Martin Luther". At 20 €, it is seven € more expensive than our Luther calendar, but with twelve excellent photos, even three of them taken in the blue hour, all the others also in perfect sunshine, it is a perfect choice for Luther fans who have been to Wittenberg. It is our only real recommendation, besides – of course – the enthusiasm for our own work and the calendar we describe next. You can purchase the work above at Hugendubel, via the link in the third line of this section.


Back to the German page 1 on Google, next position. Around Martin Luther – A Walk Through Wittenberg in Luther's Footsteps. This calendar is also really beautifully photographed. In this Luther calendar there are interior shots, dreamlike motifs and exterior shots photographed in wonderful weather. But ... is it a Luther calendar? It's not, but that's not what the title claims. This calendar is also great for visitors to Wittenberg, who can use it to remind themselves of their visit for an entire calendar year. You can get it at Weltbild. On Google, this is the end, only the Luther calendar for the year 1910 and the Luther calendar for the years 1911 and 1909 are additionally listed. And we all probably don't need those at the moment for sure. Or do we? There is also a children's Luther calendar, but we will not deal with it here and now. Away from Google, to Amazon, the retailer that probably offers the most Luther calendars in one place ... as it is called today, a "one-stop shop".


Welcome with me to Amazon. Here we hope of course and always our Luther calendar in DIN A3 on the prestigious position 1. And next we want our DIN A4 Luther calendar and finally our DIN A2 calendar, all three with the short title "Luther Calendar". Check the measurements in centimeters and inches with a click here. However: Please buy it, if you read here, not at Amazon, there remains the least "left over" for our classical missions. Because others earn with it. Please buy it at "Bach 4 You", the Publishers Shop. Gladly follows then on place 4 with Amazon as next the calendar "Martin Luther – Stations of His Life". We start with the price: Today – the day I am designing this page – it is € 31.99. That's a proud € 13 more than the same format for our calendar from the Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You". And it goes on. We think this compilation of twelve motifs could have been "further expanded" in terms of craftsmanship and artistry. For three photos one should have waited for spring or summer. Then the trees would have been "leafy and green". Others would have been three times better with sunshine. And finally, some motifs, as for the selection ... well ...!


Next in the ranking is a very exciting specimen: "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott" is the name of the calendar, and it actually bears the subtitle "Martin Luther Calendar 2019". It is no longer available for purchase today, and why it ranks at the top of Amazon is an electronic mystery, as there are so many in these Internet times. The content is a mixture of cute motifs, in each case sayings of Martin Luther and a motif, a painting, namely, for example, the square in Wittenberg, where Luther "under his canopy" is waiting for tourists. Maybe it is there again in 2023, I certainly did not find it on the first four pages of Amazon.


The next one is another one by author Frank Baumert and listens to the name "Luther - Stations of a Life", in this calendar there is no "his" before the word "life". That's what sets it apart. And it is a portrait format calendar. Here the individual pages are – according to my and only my feeling – already very borderline. But look for yourself, maybe you like it particularly well. What is striking: Even the DIN A3 calendar costs just under € 32. Our Luther calendar in DIN A3 costs a whole € 13 less. Check here what's € in your currency and what the measurements are in your country.


Something completely different is the calendar "Beauty in Old Age - Words of Martin Luther in Pictures". It is already in its sixth edition, but this means nothing in the print-on-demand process. It is only printed fresh when it is ordered, so the accompanying publisher advertises it's environmentally friendly offer, quite rightly. Author Andreas Vincke enriches beautifully arranged pictures of mostly elderly ladies and gentlemen with sayings by Martin Luther. Of course, there are also young faces next to the older ones and the arrangements show professionalism. Who the target group could be, however, is not clear to me. Not quite fair – from me – is this "review", in which I contribute my comment to his Luther calendar. Because it does not pretend to be a Luther calendar, but only has the word Luther in the subtitle. So again: It's great scenes, excellent photos, and maybe you like it absolutely and through my reference you discover it first.


There is another Luther calendar. It has the title "Lutherstadt Wittenberg" (... Luther City Wittenberg). It is much, much more expensive in every size than our offer and in one "discipline" it is consistent. The author has used exclusively dreary motifs without any hint of sunshine. It is clearly – after my quite personal feeling – the most loveless calendar to the topic Luther, more however to the topic Wittenberg. Maybe the author should try it again with sunshine. Then it works also with the ranking. Finally, there is the calendar "Lutherstadt Wittenberg City of the Reformation From the Bird's Eye View", which are twelve fantastic photographs from the airplane ... or today ... taken with a drone.


And there is another Luther calendar, further back, if you scroll and "flip" long enough ... at Amazon Germany only: "In Luther's Footsteps: A Walk Through the Lutherstadt in the Footsteps of the Reformer". Expensive though, much more expensive than the Luther calendar at "Bach 4 You", but beautifully photographed. All exterior shots are photographed in the best sunshine, the interior shots are also very well done. Also, a great recommended option for visitors to Wittenberg. I notice, this will not be easy for such travelers in the matter of Luther. Does this not stop at all? Because now I also find a calendar about the Luther city Eisleben. Similar is the title: "Lutherstadt Eisleben – Impressions" ... on Amazon Germany only. Twelve motives fantastically photographed. A clear A, if ... yes if you were in Eisleben and would like to remember it for a whole year.


"Oh my goodness!" it used to be forever or ... "Holy moly ..." it is called today: There are still more Luther calendars coming, if you scroll patiently enough. Although Luther no longer appears in the title or on the title page. I'll introduce you to one, though, because it's cool. It's a French artist who certainly photographed it and then compiled it: There are twelve really exciting photographs. And he, Patrice Thebault, is an artist through and through. "Wittenberg en lumière: Ville d'Allmagne où est né Martin Luther". Really great pictures, maybe a little expensive, after all in A4 seven euros more than the Luther calendar in our mission. And a small lapse stands out, which is for me quite particularly sympathetic and funny: On my website for our genealogist Christian Hoske, I once wrote, Luther was born in Eisenach. An interested one on Christian's webiste criticized rightly: "Luther is not born in Eisenach. Already disqualified!" Okay, but he probably wasn't in Wittenberg either. It was in Eisleben. Well. It just happens. We don't want to be petty now, please.

Well, gladly another picture from the Luther calendar 2024, but you have already discovered it above. After so much reading on the subject of Luther calendars from other authors ( ! ). Because I think that this Luther monument with the background, the Frauenkirche (... Church of Our Lady) in Dresden, Germany is the best motif in our Luther calendar, it may here again.



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