Wechmar, Thuringia, Germany:

Wechmar Is Bach Location No. 1


Welcome to Bach in Wechmar. Would you have known it: Here in Wechmar in Thuringia some 400 years ago once Veit Bach was living. He was the first musician in the Bache family, how they were called back than. Did I awake your attention? By the way: The second musical Bach – Hans – once lived in the Bach place of Wechmar, too.


In a four minutes short video the Bach place of Wechmar in Thuringia introduces itself. Here some 400 years ago the story of Johann Sebastian Bach's ancestors – mentioned in the "Genesis of the Musical-Bach Family" (...in the "Ursprung der musicalisch-Bachischen Familie") – started.


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Wenn die Engel Musik für Gott machen, spielen sie Bach. Füreinander spielen sie Mozart.

Sir Isaiah Berlin


When the angels play music for God, they play Bach. For themselves they play Mozart.

Sir Isaiah Berlin

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