Hours at the Bach Ancestral Home (Bach-Stammhaus) in Wechmar

It is important to call the Bach Stammhaus Wechmar, before you visit this tiny Bach place. This Bach place with the Bach Stammhaus is so very small, that two Bach place highlights might be closed when you show up. And even the announcements on their website might have changed yesterday. However, if you call ahead and you visit from abroad, you might get a very exclusive tour:


03 62 56 - 2 26 80


Wechmar is very pleased to welcome you Tuesday and Thursday 10 am  to 5 pm (April - September) / 4 pm (October - March) Saturday and Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm (April - September) / 4 pm (October - March)! That is as well true for holidays. But it could be different today. Beyond that you are offered a tour outside these hours – on request. All Bach destinations are looking forward to your visit.

At the Bach Stammhaus, the Bach Ancestral Home, at the Bach place of Wechmar there is the sign of the museum. In the upper part you see the Bach seal, that Johann Sebastian Bach created himself. It is the three characters JSB. Firstly accurate to side, then added inverted. Crown on top – ready.


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Wenn die Engel Musik für Gott machen, spielen sie Bach. Füreinander spielen sie Mozart.

Sir Isaiah Berlin


When the angels play music for God, they play Bach. For themselves they play Mozart.

Sir Isaiah Berlin

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